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Our mission statement and objectives run as follows:

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no devil or man.  I only  fear God".

But who is Bishop Alexander Ezeugo Ekewuba?

Bishop Ezeugo Ekewuba was born on December 7, 1945 to Mr. and Mrs.  Harold Ekewuba of Umuehiete- Avu, Owerri West Local Government Area of Imo State, Nigeria.

He attended central School Avu, Country Grammar        School Ikwerre- Eche in Rivers State and Emmanuel College Owerri.  He and His wife, Rev.  (Mrs.) Francisca Ihuoma
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Our vision on earth is to demolish satanic strongholds and lift up  the name of Jesus Christ to all men (2 Cor. 10: 4-6).

Barbed Wire Christianity, Blood and Fire Religion....................
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Recent Event

Sunday the 28th of november 2010 witnessed a great event as galaxies of Bishops, Archbishops, Government functionaries, Traditional Rulers and other dignitaries in so may works of life as well as worshipers in Owerri and beyond gathered at the head quarters of the Overcomers Mission Internetional Inc. to witness the inauguration of His Grace, Most Rev. Alexander Ezeugo Ekewuba as an Archbishop of the Christian Faith and Overcomers Mission, and his wife Her Lordship Rev (Mrs) Francisca Ihuoma Ekewuba as a Bishop of the Christian Faith and Overcomers Mission Inc respectively.The event was so great that all the tents in the arena were overflowing with people.
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Archbishop Alexander Ezeugo Ekewuba  is not just a man of God that preaches undiluted  gospel of salvation of our saviour and Lord Jesus Christ and prays for people.
He is a rare prophet of God with peculiar kingly anointing.

Since 1965, he has been at the pulpit declaring the salvation message healing the  sick; praying barren women into mothers of children; breaking  personal, family and community curses, confronting, exposing and destroying demonic powers and bringing prosperity to the wretched.

This is a man that Satan the devil swore to and made several attempts to eliminate for troubling his kingdom.  But he says, "I fear no devil or man.  I only  fear God".

Founded by Archbishop Alexander Ezeugo Ekewuba  in March 1985, the Overcomers Christian Mission is truly; and wholly an
The church strongly believes in, advocates and disseminates the "foursquare" emphasis of Pentecostal preaching that:

indigenous Bible- based Pentecostal Church..